KETAAKETI Gesellschaft zur Unterstützung der Grund-Schul-Bildung ärmster Kinder und deren Eltern in Nepal und weltweit e.V.
KETAAKETIGesellschaft zur Unterstützung der Grund-Schul-Bildung ärmster Kinder und deren Eltern in Nepal und weltweit e.V.

The last months in brief...

Annual General Meeting for the year 2018
The Annual General Meeting held on 5 April 2019 focused on the 2018 Annual Report, reports from the regional groups and work areas, the Treasurer's report and the election of the Executive Board and the auditor. The actions of the Executive Board for the past year were unanimously approved.

Developments in Nepal
In Nepal, our partner SPOWC has supported more than 11,000 students in social classes in 34 projects with the help of the €1 model; more than 750 women and their families have received microfinance. SPOWC is planning a total of 11 new projects in the earthquake region and Terai in 2019. The NGO "CDS Nepal", initiated last year by KETAAKETI and newly founded by our partner Khem Adhikari, will launch 10 new projects in Western Nepal in these weeks. It is planned to support 5 small village schools and microfinance for 75 women.

Growth in Sierra Leone
On 28.2.2019 the second project trip to Sierra Leone started. Anneli-Sofia Raecker (1. Chairwoman of the Board) and Uta Konstantinovic (Coordinator Sierra Leone) together with the leaders of our partner organisations "SEN" and "Mindokatie Salone" got an impression of the developments on site. They were accompanied by Albert Rohloff (freelance journalist and photographer). It is particularly impressive that since the start in 2017 more than 300 women and their families have already received microfinance and have built up their own livelihood or are in the process of doing so.

Successful start in Burundi
Our partner has - initiated by KETAAKETI - founded an NGO to support the poorest. "DATHA" is their name and means "Development at Home Association".  The first projects according to the KETAAKETI principle are being planned.

School partnerships in Germany - the secondary school Jade
Since one year the class 8a of the secondary school Jade is dealing with the situation of children in Sierra Leone. Shortly before Christmas a cheque for 230 € was handed over to KETAAKETI. Thank you very much!

KETAAKETI at Radio Cosmo
On 06.1.2019 Anneli-Sofia Raecker visited Radio Cosmo in Bremen. In an interview she presented the development of KETAAKETI and her visions for KETAAKETI.


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