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Mail unserer Partner SPOWC, 07.12.2016:


Still every where strike and protest in different districts of Nepal also in Kathmandu Valley.Which is making our daily life difficult.
Various students unions close to the opposition parties today held demonstrations in front of the Prime Minister's residence in Baluwatar to protest the registration of the constitution amendment proposal in Parliament.
They have also demanded that the proposal should be withdrawn, arguing that it would push the country towards division.
They also shouted slogans like - 'Country should not be split, we do not accept the proposal', 'Expose anti-state conspiracy'.

Schulkinder und deren Familien leiden unter den Folgen des Handelsboykotts (Stand Anfang Dezember 2015)


Rajesh Regmi (Projektleiter unserer Partnerorganisation SPOWC in Nepal) berichtet in seiner aktuellen E-Mail über die Situation der Menschen, Schulen und Schulkinder in Zeiten des Handelsboykotts für Benzin, Kochgas, Medizin und die meisten anderen Güter des täglichen Lebens.


Dear Anneli,

the ongoing crisis for petroleum products due to protests by Madhesi parties in the southern plains bordering India has forced Nepal to look for global suppliers to tide over the situation. Day by day the situation is going worst but some how the few vehicles are running and for gasoline its to difficult to get because our government is unable to control black market .

All the school, hotels and restaurant are using firewood for cooking , lots of people are waiting in a Que for kerosene and pr open gas.  Then they get 2 liter  only  waiting till 24 hours.

Load-shading problem is also still the same so,we can not use electric heaters for cooking.

According to the school leaders all our school of different districts: (Baglung, Butwal, Pame, Chitwan, Kavre,Dang) are also using firewood besides that everything is going OK but all the food cost was increased due to the blocked of India.

We talked with all the mothers of children's of every district , All the expenses is high so if we can help them by giving stationery,some warm clothes.

Regarding the medicines which you talked about, we can not provide the medicine directly to the children as we contacted with Dr. Mahesh for the medicine of Pediatric Hospital, As per Dr. he refer Emergency I/B medicine and Intravenous Antibiotic .

With lot of love and huge thank from our heart.


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